Announcing the Herky Crypto Challenge - 2

I am pleased to announce the second Herky Crypto Challenge.

As you may recall, back in 2013 I created the first Herky Crypto Challenge. The Challenge consisted of several problems in cryptography that needed to be solved to complete the challenge. It took two years, but ultimately several groups of undergraduate Computer Science students completed the challenge and a medallion was awarded at the 2015 Student Awards Banquet. Many ECE students also worked on the challenge.

As noted above, I have created Herky Crypto Challenge - 2. Although similar to the first Challenge, this one has a new set of problems that highlight a variety of cryptanalysis techniques on various cryptographic technologies and includes several problems relevant to modern network security. It also contains problems of historical importance.

The following puzzle contains information on how to begin the challenge:

1a213 d3eb8 a6b16 f799c 61539 f27af 529ab b1f51
85ef1 68536 a7f6b f0e2c e1dde 44885 fd058 c86be
dac0e c2a0e 45764 b7755 f8bcd 51d36 257e7 bc39d
2019a 97850 77525 77e5c 8b66f a581a 4ff59 64854
97d20 2bd44

102b2 67aeb affe6 e7080 35118 e68ee 09c1e e1217
d2fe5 fd563 e0bfe f0e63 b5c6f 95ad7 e4409 09bff
c9cda 97f13 49605 87747 e2fdd d1472 6a682 9d896
204a9 23d41 7d471 b584a d275f c5e58 2cf98 5455f
95d50 bbf44

With the large influx of Computer Science and Engineering students, I am looking forward to some of our best and brightest completing the challenge!

Prof. David Andersen
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Iowa


LZ has completed the introductory puzzle - 11/23/2016
LZ has completed the first puzzle - 02/16/2018
LZ has completed the second puzzle - 02/18/2018
LZ has completed the third puzzle - 02/19/2018
LZ has completed the fourth puzzle - 03/02/2018